5 Ways to Date Yourself
And 1 BIG Reason Why You Should!
You'll be surprised how much spending some quality time with yourself will open up your world
You're Going to Learn
15 brilliant ways to date yourself
Spending time with yourself in truly unique and unusual ways will give you a chance to get to know yourself at a level you've never known before.  And this isn't "doing the work" everyone talks about—this is having fun and connecting with your deeper self in, at least, 15 brilliant ways!
The Most Profound reason to date yourself
There is one thing most people are sincerely lacking that profoundly changes lives when it's discovered and embraced.  When you live from this place everything changes; the world opens up in ways you have only imagined.  Learn what this is, commit to this way of being, and thrive!
How to say "Yes"
when your ego is saying "no!"
When you realize there are two things going on in your own brain most of the time—and you learn to distinguish between the two—your personal power to build the life you've always wanted will be unstoppable!  Part of your brain is going to try to stop you—are YOU going to let it?
" P.J.'s message will transform your way of thinking. I met him last year and he doesn't just speak the words, he embodies the message of LOVE in a very tangible way. P.J. shares an authentic, vulnerable, and heartfelt message that will impact how you live life. "
-Frances C., California

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